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1. How to find T-SOX app?

      First open the APP Store (for iOS system users) or Play Store (for Android system users) and search for T-SOX ".

      After downloading the APP for free, you can find the icon of “T-SOX” Expert in your phone.

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2. How to connect the machine and start the spin down?

      First you turn on the Bluetooth in the phone setting and push the red button (Add Sensor). After searching, the displayer shows the list of the possible machine. You can pair with your T-SOX machine and start the spin down.

      In the serve information, you find the spin-down and start it, respectively. Please follow the instructions  in sequence. First, you need to increase the speed to 37 km/h in 20 seconds. When you reach the rate, you stop pedaling and than the spin-down is completed.

      After calibration, be sure to turn off the power of the T-SoX trainer for about 5 seconds, and then restart it.


▪ If you can’t find the machine in this list, please make sure that the power of the T-SOX machine is turned on.

▪ Please keep the firmware is the latest version.

3. How to update the fireware?

Firmware show N ( red words)

pls update . 

      An update reminder will automatically appear after connecting to the Internet. You can synchronize the latest version.


Automatic learning
When the resistance/watte is increased, please change the front chainring and the corresponding rear gear. Some third-party software may not have automatic learning function, and there is no change in resistance .

Please calibrate your T-SoX Trainer regularly for the best training experience.

If you ride frequently, please calibrate your training platform once every two weeks.

If you ride less frequently, calibrate your training platform at least once a month.

If you have any questions, you can contact us.


It is recommended to match T-SOX related candence/rpm   and select this product as a record.

  • Speed and Cadence Sensorpls choice  extra sensor in the third app .(TX7- free sensor ID: ibike ) 

  • Approve system

IOS phone


HTC phone

Samsung phone / Pad


It is recommended to match T-SOX related candence/rpm   and select this product as a record.

Spindown  App

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