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​T-SOX app update

Smart T-Sox for indoor bike training for Equipo La Tova-Asesoría Almudevar professional cyclist will continue to propose improvement plans after the test, and it will also bring unlimited creative ideas for the next season’s new style. You are welcome to forward  suggestions for improvement of the  T-SOX.

01 app

Version 01:
(1) ANT+/FEC adds Target Power and slope control
(2) The serial number is appended to the device name of ANT+ to facilitate device identification
(3) FEC resistance can be fine-tuned, and the resistance range is changed from 0~3.2 to 0~16.0

02 app

Version 02:
(1) Power algorithm update
(2) Cancel the front wheel speed and change the transmission of the rear wheel speed and vehicle speed

03 app

Version 03:
(1) Increase to confirm whether the current is generated before the ANT+ action is started
(2) ANT+ slope 200% conversion 100%

04 app

Version 04:
(1) The torque will be changed from light torque to the final target resistance after 10 seconds from the start of the RPM.
(2) The initial gear ratio of 50:11 was changed to 50:17 and the power was changed to gear ratio of 50:17
(3) When Bluetooth FTMS and ANT+/FEC are connected at the same time, Bluetooth will be the main control, but ANT+/FEC can still monitor data
(4) The bluetooth light indicator is adjusted to the same brightness as the orange ANT+ light

05 app

Version 05:
(1) Add ANT+/SC
(2) Add ANT+/PWR
(3) Adjust the two-digit error correction under the decimal point of the flywheel speed, but the calculation of the decimal place of each car watch is not the same, and it can only be adjusted to a relatively good two-digit decimal.
(4) Spindown waits and stops up to 40 seconds

06 app

Version 06:
Modify slope formula to reduce power

07 app

Version 07:
(1) In ERG mode, FTMS and ANT+FEC will send pedal speed
(2) The target power and slope calculation power of ERG is lower than the mechanical loss, and the mechanical loss calculation will be used
(3) The light display changes, the ANT+/FEC connection will keep on, the ANT+/FEC offline will flash, the Bluetooth and ANT+/FEC will turn off as long as they are not connected within 15 seconds after the connection, and the Bluetooth will turn off Will not broadcast
(4) The Default resistance segment is changed from 25 to 20
(5) ANT+/FEC adds weight transmission of people and vehicles

08 app

Version 08:
(1) Improve high power and low speed will be stepped on empty
(2) Modified Indoor bike simulation
(3) ANT+ can continue to broadcast when not connected

09 app

Version 09:
(1) Production test program operation change, from inputting wattage to setting torque step value, making the operation more time-saving.
(2) Modify the torque smoothing time so that the torque reduction slope will adjust the time according to the power level. The higher the power, the longer it will take to reduce the minimum resistance.
(3) When the Bluetooth is suddenly disconnected during pedaling, the last resistance will be maintained until the pedaling is stopped, and the torque will not be reduced to avoid pedaling.

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